Dupree Memorial Conservation Area

please remember to support me to be able to do this across the country instead of just in my backyard:


I went to Dupree CA last friday to look around and see if it would be a good camp spot.  First challenge was finding it.  It is in a little known part of Missouri which is pretty well Kansas.  not.even.joking  it looks like Missouri has a bad case of acne into Kansas, its a pimple.  Truly you can see where it was once the river boundary because of a bunch of oxbow lakes, soooo yeah geographically understandable but aesthetically ridiculous.  Here is a screenshot of the map…

I was really hoping to find a new campspace out of this, but it had veryy little to it.  The veiw of the river was pretty, but most of it was a gravel parking lot and some deep forests.  The forests were so GREEN though.  I was constantly surrounded by trees with only a few sunny spots.  

The riverfront was close, and more breathtaking than I could capture.  

From that veiw if I had stepped a few feet forward it woulkd have been a shear drop to the river.  It was fun being in a place where I’ve looked at from the other side of the river many times.  

as per always I snapped some shots of dead wood, because for some reason it just endlessly fascinates me.  
The prettiest, and scariest, part of all this was actually getting into the area.  Remember all the oxbow lakes I mentioned earlier?  You have to drive across one to get in on a landbridge.  The yellow flowers make it incredibly pretty since the veiw is entirely flowers and lake for a minute, but it still feels like you are driving right into a lake.  

you can’t see it very well from the picture, but there is water on both sides of that road.

Better luck next time for camping areas…  

please remember to support me to be able to do this across the country instead of just in my backyard:



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