Bluffwoods Conservation Area II

I just made a quick day trip so I could get some photos to post to you lovely people out there.  They were take I had booked before, just never taken pictures for.  I hope everyone enjoys as I don’t have any real stories to report which is sad for me, I would love to go camping again sometime soon, but life has accelerated at a rate which doesn’t promote it.  I will still take day trips to be able to post photos, as I am devoted to this blog, the crowdfunding campaign, and all they represent to me.  Please consider assisting my project at and thank you always for taking the time to look at this blog.  

I managed to get​ several pictures of dragonflies, which for some reason fascinate me.  They zip around so much that it is like life stops for a brief moment for you to capture it.  I’m fairly happy with the leaf pictures because getting the crisp focus on the veins of them is incredibly satisfying. And the snail, that’s one I had not yet photographed, but trying to focus when you are holding your phone upside down in the middle of a log is (frustratingly) worth it. The mushroom pictures were too much fun because each one has its own little personality and details.  I wish I could have better called the odd thin place in the forest, it was also visually interesting (and a good reminder of my need for a CPL filter, curse you foggy​ humid air!). After that it’s mostly flower photos, the first one being my favorite because of the lovely tiny hairs. Can you tell I’m a sucker for good focus?

That is all I have to report, thank you as ever for reading and looking.  Please consider helping me with the larger project at


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