Honey Creek Conservation Area

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I took a couple day-trips to Honey Creek CA to source some pictures for this post.  As I didn’t spend the night (unfortunately) I don’t have any good stories.  But I do have to admit, the area makes pretty pictures especially since I was there both when it was rainy and when it wasn’t.  The area itself has a lot of land to cover, and I was just barely able to scratch the surface for this (don’t want to wander too far off–trail around dark) there will certainly be another post from actual camping in this place.

but without further ado, PICTURES!

The sky in this place is downright beautiful, and gives me the chance for some amazing shots.  I’m especially fond of the picture with the sun looking like it is landing on the tree…

There seemed to be a lot of berries on various bushes and trees.  It was fascinated by some pokeberries (at least thats what we called them when I was a kid) in various degrees of ripeness.  

Little pops of color EVERYWHERE! 

…and a nice little butterfly who paused for his portrait and some spotted flowers…

I had one of a snail stretching waaaaaay up a branch, but the lighting was bad enough that I couldn’t focus on it.  Oh well, there is always next time.  Thank you again for reading and looking, I’ve just started a patreon which I will begin posting as well as the crowdfunding campaign to get these travels off the ground.  Please consider a donation at http://www.gofundme.com/carpartment.


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